Lily Moore

Broker & Owner


Lily Moore, Broker and Owner of Lily Moore Realty, possesses a combination of authenticity and fierce determination to drive her to the top of her profession in The Lone Star State. Lily builds strong relationships and uses unmatched digital marketing tactics to deliver exceptional results. In fact, Lily’s brokerage ranks among the very top in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Lily’s personal story is one that is illustrative of the American Dream. Arriving to the United States at the age of twenty, alone, pregnant and speaking no English, she forged her way to success against what many might consider insurmountable odds. Through hard work and a drive to succeed, she ultimately landed a job in corporate America where she worked for one of the nation’s premier entertainment brands. “My time in corporate America enabled me to become fluent in English, become a problem solver, and ultimately provided me the confidence to know I could achieve whatever my heart set out to do.” In 2015, Lily decided to follow her passion and inner-voice into the real estate industry where her success was almost instantaneous. Now the co-owner of her own business (alongside her husband, Chad), she oversees a talented and dedicated team of agents who share her commitment to excellence and serving people.

With nearly eighty percent of her business based on repeat and referral clients, Lily has made a mark as a Realtor who inspires serious loyalty among her many customers. When asked why this is, she grows thoughtful for a moment before replying, “It’s because I truly care about my clients and all the people I’ve worked with. I treat them as family and take my commitment to make their real estate dreams come true very seriously.” Lily’s work ethic also plays a large role in her continued success. “What sets me apart from other agents is that I’m constantly working,” she explains. “I don’t ever really stop, so I’m always on top of every situation, making sure my clients have what they need to be successful.”

Lily has a perfect five-star rating on Zillow, comprised (at the time of this writing) of seventy perfect, glowing reviews. Among the many raves for her services is this one, which perfectly encapsulates the extraordinary care she demonstrates towards her clients: “Lily did an awesome job with helping us find our home. She was very experienced, fast and responsive and the whole process was very smooth. She was always there to help out even after we closed on the house. She's the best in the business, and I look forward to working with her in the future on our next purchase.”

Lily’s passion for what she does becomes even more evident when she is asked what she enjoys most about what she does for a living. “Talking to people,” she says, her sincerity obvious. “Every person is different, and every person has their own story, and to be a part of that story is really special.” Lily is also passionate about giving back to the community that has supported her business so generously. Sponsorships and donations are among the many ways she gives back, and she is constantly looking for new ways to become involved. She also gives back to the real estate community and is currently the Vice President of the National Hispanic Association of Real Estate Professionals.

When she’s not working, Lily enjoys spending time with her husband and their five children. “I love staying active with the family, pool fun, walking trails, playing sports…just anything with them and I am happy.”

Lily’s future plans include growing her business and her team, while sacrificing none of the incredible customer service that has become synonymous with Lily Moore Realty. She is also looking forward to continuing to mentor up-and-coming talent who share her passion. Sharing her own success story with them could perhaps be the most motivating thing she could do.

“I came here under a less than ideal set of circumstances to say the least. I have faith that if I can live my best life and achieve my dreams, anyone can do it.” 

Lily helped us sell 2 homes and purchase one. She went above and beyond at all hours of day or night to help us. Her knowledge of the market and process is top notch. I am happy to say after working with Lily, she is now a friend.
Michele Fields
Lily went above and beyond!